Steel Fabrication

Harding Steel specializes in the supply and metal fabrication of structural steel for the domestic building industry. Located at our new site in Geebung we can supply to Northside Brisbane suburbs and the further Brisbane region. With a fast turnaround and great pricing we are the supplier of choice for builders needing structural steel for building work, such as beams and posts. We are open five days a week and offer pick or onsite delivery.

Structural steel production is a must for many building jobs. We provide essential steel building supplies such as columns, beams, RHS, angles and channels. Our steel is most often used in the following;

  • Residential construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Factory construction
  • Residential columns, beams, RHS and angles
  • Owner builders
  • DIY renovations
  • Steel for custom building designs or unique projects, working from workshop detailed drawings

At Harding Steel we work alongside the residential construction industry and understand the time constraints they work with. This is why we deliver steel and metal products to you and are open five days for easy pick up of steel building supplies. Whether you are working on a large job or a smaller renovation, we can help. Heavy steel fabrication is not an issue for us, as we are experienced in all aspects of steel fabrication. The Harding Steel team have been in the steel industry for years and can help with any project.

Steel Fabrication Services in Brisbane

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Posts and beams
  • Welding
  • Punching
  • Drilling
  • Custom brackets
  • Custom Manufacture
  • Cleat plates
  • Base plates
  • Sheet metal

steel fabricating services brisbane northside Harding Steel is Brisbane’s leading steel supplier and we can fabricate steel to any specification needed. Our most popular steel building supplies are posts and beams and sheet metal. Structural steel work demands quality workmanship and products. You can trust Harding Steel to be a quality supply partner to your business. Reputation is everything in the building industry and we have grown year after year due to the fact our customers come back time and time again. As well as refer us on to other customers. We work to the principle that your reputation is our reputation. Quality building work requires quality building materials, and Harding Steel has the best quality steel beams and posts, along with plenty of other steel products.

As specialists in structural steel fabrication for the domestic building market our team can fabricate everything from custom architectural steelwork to the simplest steel post. Quality fabricated steel products whether large or small for tradesman, construction companies and residential builders. We provide a wide range of structural steel that works for both commercial and domestic housing construction. Contact is today for advice on processing, manufacturing and structural steel needs.

Why Choose Harding Steel?

  • Precision metal work
  • Steel posts and beams
  • Steel Fabrication and repair work
  • Punching and cropping
  • Custom steel designs
  • Onsite cutting
  • Light, medium and heavy fabrication and welding
  • Huge range of steel supplies
  • Quick turnaround
  • Close partnership with building industry

We are an essential steel supplier to many Brisbane Northside builders, along with the greater Brisbane area. Our customers vary from registered builders, owner builders and large construction companies. Speak to us today for any type of structural steel fabrication requirements.

The Brisbane Steel Specialists – Built to Last

steel fabrication services in brisbane

Structural steel is extremely important to the construction of homes and buildings. Used as the foundations from the ground floor to the roof. You need structural steel, steel posts and beams you can depend on. The strength and success of your project, including the safety relies on the steel. Harding Steel knows thais and as such is the best steel supplier in Brisbane. Our steel is durable and long lasting.

Our structural steel is made for various jobs, you are not limited to specific steel building work with Harding Steel. The structural steel fabrication processes and materials at Harding Steel gives our customers a quality product. And means we are sought out for innovative building solutions as well as high quality steel posts and beams. Combining low prices along with custom steel fabrication makes us a very popular Brisbane steel supplier. Speak to our staff and find out pricing and turnaround times. You will be surprised!

Call today or drop into our shed to discuss your next fabrication job.