Deformed Bar Steel

deformed-bar-steel-supplierDeformed steel bar available at Harding Steel, Brisbane north includes strength and versatility making it ideal for use in the building industry. Typically used to reinforce masonry and concrete, steel bar counteracts the poor tensile strength of cast concrete. Since steel is a highly versatile material which can be cut and welded to suit almost any need, it is particularly suited to use with concrete in a huge number and variety of construction projects.
– Easily formed yet very strong
– A reliable reinforcing core for concrete structures
– Available cut to size

Steel is a material widely used in the construction industry and in the manufacturing of structures of all shapes and sizes, and it is preferred due to its versatility, longevity and strength. This ease of forming makes steel bar suitable for a huge range of projects.

Our steel bar is delivered cut to size, reducing the waste caused by resizing on site.

 Deformed Bar

Deformed Bar (mm) Length (mtr) Weight (kg/mtr)
12.0 6.0 0.919
16.0 6.0 1.634
20.0 6.0 2.552
24.0 6.0 3.676
26.0 6.0 5.003