House Stumps | Steel Posts and columns

Harding Steel supplies Brisbane and Gold Coast areas with high-quality steel house stumps. Our steel house stumps are fabricated with in-ground base plate and top plate. Here at Harding Steel, we use top quality Australian made SHS & RHS, which is pre-galvanised inside and out. Steel house stumps are the superior building material for restumping, levelling and raising a house. Steel will not rot or suffer wear and tear like traditional wooden house stumps.

Harding Steel house stumps We can work to time-critical jobs with our express service for steel house stumps, posts and structural steel. Harding Steel covers Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas and we can fabricate steel house posts for builders renovating old Queenslanders and other structural building applications like house posts, support posts, carport/garage stump posts, plus any other steel stump application.

top of steel house stumpOur house stumps are manufactured with an in-ground base plate and a top plate which is made to suit the requirement, generally, this will be a T shape, L shape or straight-through plate with 14mm holes to suit the fixings. Once posts are welded-up we always spray the welds with a high-quality zinc-rich cold galvanised primer to prevent corrosion.

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Brisbane house stumps are usually at a height of 1 – 1.5 metres, and in areas like Ipswich with higher soil movement grading a steel stump height of around 2.3 metres.

For restumping in Brisbane and the Gold Coast area generally, the sites are graded between A – M.

steel post columns

Site gradings

Site Grade A – Rocky sites with little movement
Site Grade S – Stable sites that move a little like sand or gravel
Site Grade M – Clay sites with some movement
Site Grade H – Clay sites that move a lot
Site Grade E – Extreme sites prone to cracking (think of Ipswich)

Restumping with Steel Stumps

We can manufacture steel stumps to most height requirement and can work to your specifications. Simply order the steel post and tell us the size needed, and what base plate and top plate are preferred. House restumping and levelling of homes is usually the first priority of home renovations, making steel stumps one of the first building materials provided. They are the foundation of the home and at Harding Steel, we fabricate our steel to a very high standard ensuring our steel is the best quality. 

Our team at Harding Steel work closely with our customers and we are known as the best house stump suppliers. Due in part to our service, pricing and excellent steel stump quality. Our customers range from the biggest house restumpers in Queensland to owner/builders plus commercial construction builders. 

Steel is the best material for structural framework and our steel is fabricated to high specs meaning its the best value steel in Brisbane. 

When restumping with steel columns the advantage is in the steel itself – durable, resistant to weather and termites and long-lasting. Steel stumps last much longer than the old wood stumps. Galvanised steel stumps are made practically impervious to rust, making them superior in every way to any other building stump material.

For all steel stump needs give us a call and get the best steel at the best price!